Currently no job vacancies

We currently have no job vacancies. However, we welcome unsolicited applications. We ask you to consider a few things before submitting your application. This will help us to evaluate your application and reply in a faster and more efficient manner.

  • Please send your speculative application via e-mail to jobs (a)
  • Please attach all relevant documents as a PDF file (preferably collected in one single PDF file) and do not use image files or Word documents.
  • Please include your cover letter inside the PDF file instead of adding it separately to the e-mail text.
  • In any case, please include a complete CV in your application.
  • Please limit yourself to the latest qualification and work certificates.


And a few tips how to make your application as successful as possible:

  • ¬†Please tell us which position you are applying for.
  • Tell us why you are applying.
  • Tell us what your salary expectation is.